Reiki with Amy was an incredibly healing and peaceful experience. Every detail of her treatment process is a component of an all-encompassing session. Complete with a card reading, individualized crystal use, essential oils, calm yet powerful healing hands, and more for you all to be pleasantly surprised with! I am thankful & joyful for Amy who leads with courage & strength as she reinvents herself by shifting gears in her career, persevering with faith on the path of enlightenment to help heal others in need 🙏♥️

Michelle F., New York, NY

Being healer for 11 years I have always yearned to have a Healer that I can go to for my own wellness. I had my first session with Amy a few weeks ago and I have never felt so loved! From the moment Amy placed her hands on me I fell deeply into a place of peace and unconditional love. She has cultivated such a beautiful space of angelic healing and approaches each step of her process with customized attention to the person in front of her. I highly recommend having a session with her. I told her that she truly put all my pieces back to together with pure love and tenderness.

Jenny I., Stonybrook, NY

Let me tell you Reiki with Amy was unbelievable. I’ve done Reiki many times with different Reiki masters . My experience with Amy was everything and more. She really is very educated and passionate about her spirituality and wants to share everything with her clients. I can’t wait to learn and experience more with Amy’s guidance. Thank you 😇😇😇😇Truly an angel...

Patty R., Fort Salonga, NY

New to Reiki....met Amy a few months ago and decided to give it a try. Wow!!! It has changed my whole everything. Life is calmer or at least how I handle it. The experience is so incredible. Never believed I would feel the things that I felt. Never believed in the power of crystals...or as I like to refer to them as "rocks." The session begins with a relaxing chat on the couch and choosing rocks. Her reiki room is comfortable and very relaxing. Then the reiki session....again people.....amazing!!! After the session it’s back to the couch to discuss the experience. Everything from start to finish...Amy has the gift!!!! I’m so grateful to have met her. Looking forward to my fifth appointment. I have been going monthly and I’m telling you....I am a much more peaceful being!!!!

Michele B., Hungtington, NY

What a wonderful heart felt genuine experience. Amy connects quickly and with great compassion. Exactly what i needed. Thank you so much Amy!! Xoxo

Bridgette S., Centerport, NY

I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety after being involved in an accident over a year ago. Amy was recommended to me by a family member who raves about her. Never having a reiki session before, I went in with an open mind. Amy has such a calm demeanor and was so intuitive, that I had an out of body experience that made my heart flutter! Between her knowledge of Chakras and the tranquil setting during my session, I was finally at complete peace. I highly recommend Amy for anyone who needs inner healing! She has a beautiful gift that helps to improve your overall wellbeing! You won’t be disappointed! Thanks Amy!

Danielle L., Shirley, NY

I’m a medical Aesthetician for over 20 years and I’ve owned three skin care spas. In that vein, I’ve been exposed to many treatments from many practitioners and therapists.

Although I’ve had most of my career on Long Island, I’ve been living in Florida the past two years, still working in the field. Up here on vacation, I had a treatment from Amy Marie. I’ve known her for many years, always absolutely loved her and heard she is now practicing reiki. I had to come to her and experience this. I must say I was blown away by her treatment. Her skills, intuition, level of care and especially her passion are that of a master in her field of many years. This is undoubtedly Amy Marie’s calling. She immerses herself completely into her work and provides an outstanding service that will absolutely keep me coming back every single time I visit, which is fairly frequently. If you have never had a reiki treatment, or especially one from Amy Marie, you really owe it to yourself to experience her session. Words cannot express the feeling when you leave her treatment room. She utilizes so many modalities, tools and techniques giving a truly customized treatment.

Worth every penny. Thank you Amy Marie for healing me, relaxing me, energizing me and releasing all negative energy while replacing it with loving, positive, beautiful white light. You shifted my aura and my perspective. You have a gift.

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to be part of what you offer so well. You have the power to change people for the better. God bless you! Trust me, go to Amy Marie!

Christina D., Boca Raton, FL

I went to see Jenny for a couple session along with my girlfriend, someone I've known my whole life. It was my first experience with a healer such as Jenny and also our first experience as a couple. Jenny made sure that we were prepared both individually and as a couple so that when we came in together, we would get the maximum effect from our time. What those effects were going to be, we weren't sure of going in, but even by the end of that day, we both noticed that they were definite and significant. Over the following days and weeks, all of the goals that we had set for the session significantly improved, and continue to do so, or were outright met within our relationship. There was an amazing shift in so many things for us that our time with Jenny is easily one of the best, if not the best, things we have done for our relationship.


I cannot thank Jenny enough for the work that she does! Im always in awe of what I gain and release in each and every session. So the next step for me was to do a joint session with my partner. Not really knowing what to expect we were asked to set intentions individually and than come together in a group setting. The atmosphere was one of comfort and all the while kinda magical. I was a bit nervous at first because I had never previously done a healing session with my partner; always just me. That’s also why I like working with Jenny; she takes your feelings and guides you through them as the session continues; all the while working on the set intentions. Which this time was with both of us.

By the time the session was complete, I could “feel” a shift. I could not put words to it, but physical evidence was well noticed within hours of the session by myself, my partner, my daughter, my friends. For years, I have noticed certain boundaries that I have, but could never get to the root of releasing them. Like magic, after our session, the blocks were suddenly gone. My partner and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We went in expecting certain things, and not only achieved them, but achieved more than them.

Jenny is truly gifted in what she does. This was the best thing my partner and I could have done for our relationship and future. Can’t wait to see the results of the next one!


I was referred to Jenny while suffering Lyme's disease. Unfortunately my doctors were unable to find a cure for my Lyme's. After one month on antibiotics,and still feeling massive pain all over my body, I decided I was ready to try anything recommended to me to help me feel better. I admit I was a first skeptical about the entire practice of Reiki. I went into my first session a little nervous and stressed out. However, after my first treatment I was completely hooked!

In my first session I felt the pain dissipate from my body. Not one did Jenny read exactly where my pain had manifested with the Lyme's, she had also addressed other issues I had been holding on to internally. Jenny's spiritual coaching helped not only heal my illness and pain from Lyme's, but my entire body felt in alignment for the first time in years. I've read a lot about stress and how illness will thrive in a stressful environment. I now see Jenny on a regular basis as needed and feel 100% amazing.

The realization and body work Jenny administers is truly a miracle. We all have stressful times that wear on us, but don't let it affect your health! See Jenny work her magic! Highly recommended!!

Carisa N., East Islip, NY

For a good part of my adult life I have suffered from lower back pain. At times it was so excruciating I was unable to get a restful night’s sleep. I tried several modalities of treatment including pain medication, Physical therapy and massage throughout the years. These treatments provided no long term relief.

After listening to several other people I knew who had success going to Jenny Israel for pain, I decided to take a leap of faith and do the same. After the first 2 sessions were completed, the back pain was completely gone and I was finally able to have a restful night’s sleep. After more than 6 months I still have the same results. In addition I felt great relief from years of suppressed anxiety that affected my daily life. I never knew I had anxiety until it was not there anymore!

Thank you, Jenny, for helping me both physically and spiritually. I am enjoying a happier outlook on life thanks to your talented gifts.

Joe, NY

I came to Jenny for emotional healing as I was going through a very rough time this summer and needed to release a whole series of unhealthy emotions. With her medical intuitive expertise, she was able to identify unhealthy emotions that belonged to me but also another set of emotions that I had inherited from my ancestors as far as 6 generations back. Little did I know that the way I sometimes react to unexpected events has a lot to do with those underlying emotions I carried all my life and did not even belong to me. She did in the session a cleansing, so I could see life for what it is and not for what my ancestors used to see. What a breath of fresh air that is! Of course once you drop the weight off your shoulders you carry all your life, you then feel the fatigue and the exhaustion that burden caused you. So after the removal of unhealthy emotions and explaining the connection to my physical body and areas of discomfort or pain I had as a result, she then proceeded to fill my energy body with unconditional love. After a couple of days, I was feeling like a brand-new person and it literally felt like being born again. I highly recommend Jenny as the most amazing medical intuitive I have ever seen. She is my medical coach and spiritual guru. I am so blessed to have her in my life to guide me through the challenges of life with the best possible health. What a gift!

Stephanie, Oregon

I first met Jenny in 2016, I was at the beginning of my own healing journey and my doctor had suggested a Reiki Session with Jenny. I had no idea what energy healing was. I will never forget running late to my first session and a total ball of stress I clamored through the door of her office. Physically I had been working on eliminating the inflammation in my body, but emotionally and energetically I was still very battle scarred from the loss of my mom two years earlier. During my first session I was blown away at how accurate Jenny’s reading of my physical and energetic body was! The blissful peace that came that day finally helped me to let go of the painful, un-relenting grief, that had stored itself in my body and in the energy field within and around my body for several years. Jenny has helped me in so many ways, but really helping me let go of the pain and embrace the fact that my loved ones who have crossed over are just a thought away has been the most impactful part of my healing journey.

Once those cobwebs dissipated, I became interested in becoming a Seraphim Blueprint and Reiki practitioner. My life has changed in so many ways because of it. Jenny has mentored me every step of the way. She is the kindest, most loving soul I have ever met, and I am honored to call her my energy healer, my teacher and my dear friend.

Kristen Skinner, Islip, NY

This entire journey has exceeded my expectation, Jenny’s energy is fun, light and deep at the same time, exactly what I needed at the soul level. I learned a lot about myself and received powerful insights throughout the course. What is more, is that Jenny helped my son, Anthony. He is 4 years old with some major medical obstacles and Jenny was really able to walk along side us in taking him to the next level! I strongly recommend it! The journey has been so enlightening! Our whole family LOVES Jenny xo!

Diana M, NY

As a Reiki Master Teacher with an active energy healing and teaching practice, I am aware of how important it is for me to keep my own personal energy in healthy alignment so that I may share the highest and best possible healing energy with my clients. With this in mind, I have been blessed to work with many healers over the years. None have impressed me more than Jenny Israel! Jenny's insight and clarity are second to none. Her methodical approach of applying the various healing modalities that she uses during a session was enlightening and extremely effective for identifying energy disturbances and facilitating their removal to restore balance. As each layer of dissonance was released the healing energy resonated into my body, mind and spirit. I left each session feeling truly shifted, healed and joyous. I recommend Jenny wholeheartedly to anyone seeking insight into underlying or hidden causes of illness or distress in their lives. There are very few healers that have the skills and healing energy available to them to both identify and restore well-being on such a deep level. Her gifts are a joy to behold.

Kerry H, West Hampton, NY

I was surprisingly blessed to meet Jenny Israel in the Spring of 2018 when she was recommended to me by my sister. I had been experiencing some ongoing issues and things were just getting worse. I saw no relief in sight until I spoke to Jenny for the first time....and then my life began to improve by leaps & bounds! With only a few sessions, Jenny has awakened in me a new and exciting journey of emotional, physical & spiritual self-discovery.

I have become more centered with a greater awareness of my thoughts & feelings.

In addition, I have surprisingly experienced a major decrease of the generalized anxiety I had throughout my entire life to the point where it is now non-existent. The recent nagging neck pain I had been tolerating when trying to sleep is totally gone.

My life has been transformed in such a exciting and positive way...I wake up happy and grateful everyday, feeling lighter with a new sense of purpose no matter what the day has in store.

Ms. Israel has since helped several friends and family members with various issues and everyone of them has experienced a positive shift in their body, spirit & mind.

I am so very grateful that Jenny has come into my life and so happy that I am able to move forward, much lighter and more centered than I ever thought was possible!

Linda T, West Hampton, NY

I'm from Long Island but have been living in Australia for the past 4.5 years. Both my mom and I go to energy healers, and on a visit back to New York, I decided to see my mom's healer, Jenny, as I heard nothing but rave reviews about her. I was also curious to meet Jenny due to my mom's initial appointment with her: in that session, Jenny told my mom spot on details about me, things I was experiencing at the time and the closeness of our relationship. I was shocked that she was able to pick up on my energy just through meeting my mom.

As expected, when I met Jenny, I was impressed by her kindness, compassion, intuition and ability to make me feel at ease in her presence. My in-person session was insightful and effective.

After returning back to Australia, I started experiencing various symptoms over a span of weeks which culminated in obsessive suicidal thoughts and ideations. Knowing that this is very much out of character for me and being concerned for myself and my well being, I tried to make an appointment with my energy healer, but he was unavailable. Not knowing what else to do, I reached out to Jenny and asked if there was something that she might be able to do to help, even though we were on opposite sides of the world. Although I believed in Jenny's ability, I wasn't sure if I believed that someone would be able to help me or give me insight into what was happening to me from a different country, but I was willing to try anything to get me feeling myself again.

Jenny was truly supportive, understanding and re-assured me everything was going to be ok. She instantly put me at ease with her heartfelt and compassionate response. She asked for permission to do some work and again re-assured me. I went to bed that night feeling the same, but I knew I would hear from Jenny in the morning.

When I woke up the next morning, for the first time in weeks, I felt like myself. The dark cloud that seemed to be permanently positioned above my head, was finally lifted. I was relieved to feel like myself again. I checked my phone and saw a message from Jenny giving me information about the remote session she conducted. She informed me that the suicidal thoughts were not my own, and I was surrogating for someone else, or something, and that an entity had attached itself to me. She said she did a lot of work to help clear me, but that I should also follow up with a healing in person.

About a week later, I was able to see my local healer, and without knowing what Jenny told me, he also said that I was surrogating for a spirit that hadn't yet crossed over and had attached herself to me--I found out it was one of my students who recently committed suicide.

While I wasn't convinced that it was possible to heal someone on the opposite end of the world, Jenny proved to me that it is. I am confident that no matter where I am, if I am struggling, I know I can contact Jenny, and she'll be able to help.

Caitlin M., Australia

Jenny was referred to me after a very traumatic event in my life. To describe in words what she was able to help me overcome and heal from is difficult to explain. Together with her healings and guidance, my physical, emotional, and spiritual body were steadily brought back into balance. I regained power and hope and experienced more clarity the more I saw her. If it wasn’t for Jenny, I would’ve been sucking my thumb in a corner after what I went through. I will be forever grateful for her presence on this planet and she now has a forever patient and friend.

Cassandra, West Islip, NY

Jenny has been an integral piece of my health journey since I began seeing her early in 2018. Her medical insight is extraordinary, and her caring energy has been extremely nurturing and healing for me. She has helped me clear so many obstacles within, and continues to keep me on track with my physical health as well as my energy health. She is a blessing and I am truly grateful to know her and be on the receiving end of her many gifts! If you are considering seeing Jenny, make the appointment now. Do not hesitate!! I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much for all you do Jenny!