About Us

Metatron Miracles Inc. 501(c)3 is a collective of wellness focused physicians and practitioners from across the United States who work directly with existing non-profits to help guide people through a journey of inner healing. 

Why We Chose The Name Metatron To Represent Our Organization: 

Metatron was an archangel considered to be the scribe of God. Metatron was also thought to be second in command to God and was often referred to as the lesser Yahweh. The story of Metatron can be found in the Talmud the Quran and other Latin writings. Metatron was different from the other angels since this angel was once thought to be mortal. Found in the 3 chapters of Enoch, this mortal first started with dark, demonic experiences that ravaged the soul. This mortal, with the help of God and love was shown the Kingdom of Heaven, and experienced the light, joy, and peaceful tranquility of God’s offerings. The mortal was then tasked with going back to Earth and spreading God’s good word to others who were suffering. Because of the good deeds being performed, God turned this mortal into the Archangel Metatron and was tasked to be God’s instructions to both mortals and other Angels. It is said that Metatron is represented by a bright pink or magenta cube that shines brightly. It is thought that in moments of despair or darkness, when you have flashes of hope or when you ‘see the light’, what you are feeling is Metatron’s cube and God’s love, letting you know that they are present. At Metatron Miracles our team has made it our mission to help each person reconnect with their inner light.

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